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To start back tracking algorithm, the following pseudocode can be called for i=0; X[1..0] represents the empty tuple.

ALGORITHM Backtrack(X[1..i])
   //Gives a template of a generic backtracking algorithm
   //Input: X[1..i] specifies first i promising components of a solution.
   //Output: Alll the tuples representing the problem's solutions
   If X[1..i] is a solution write X[1..i]
     for each element x belongs to Si+1 consistent with X[1..i] and constraints do
        X[i+1] <- x

I am having difficulty in understanding above logic. I have tried to undestand with 4 queen problem with step thorugh but not. Kindly request your help in understanding above logic with steps of 4 queens problem.


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look at this PDF file, page 25. it has a step to step description with images about 4 queens solution with backtracking.


In brief:

The algorithm is trying to find an assignment for each element of array X which is consistent with all constraints.

To do this with backtracking, we use a recursive function. In each step we examine all available values for the current variable (domain set Si+1) and if it is consistent with the constraints, we go to the next variable recursively until we reach a solution.

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