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I have an application with + sign in its name (eg. DB+JSP.jws).

I get an error when trying to create connection as java encodes url + with spaces and hence cannot add the connection to DB JSP/../META-INF/connection.xml (File not found exception).

Any way to circumvent this only by using URLEncoder.encode() and URLDecoder.decode() methods?

why adding + sign ? –  user1331534 May 4 '12 at 8:19
see this it may helpful stackoverflow.com/questions/724043/… –  Zaz Gmy May 4 '12 at 9:55

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You need to encode the URL correctly since '+' is a reserved character in a URL and can only be used in the correct context otherwise needs to be encoded with %2B.

Your URL string would encoded as "DB%2BJSP.jws".

So if you defined the following:

String url = URLEncoder.encode("DB+JSP.jws");

The output would be the same:


You can prepend "http://localhost/" to the encoded URL as you need to.


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