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I am looking for a "free" IaaS service as an alternative to EC2 which will let me SSH into a system with full user permissions (create/delete files, install services, libraries and applications from the repository).

Tried OpenShift but ended up leaving due to strict permission policy on the SSH. Heroku, dotCloud,, Stackato are PaaS providers. Rackspace and Linode might have what I need but are not free.

Is my own home server or EC2 are the only two options that I have? For the curious, I want to deploy my entire .vim folder and .vimc file for development on the cloud from a computer when I am not at home.

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It seems like you want something for free that is not provided anywhere for free. I know its a shame, but it is reasonable that companies would charge for such a thing. Given that you want it for free I am guessing that you don't need much power or anything large scale. In that case I would look into the cheaper end of Virtual Private servers or a micro instance on EC2. VPS servers start at around $20 a month and a micro server starts at $14. Of course for the microserver you will have to pay a little extra for bandwidth and probably and EBS volume. Additionally AWS offers a free tier which pretty much allows you to run a micro instance with EBS for the first year.

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Thanks, I'll enjoy a free EC2 micro instance while it lasts, until something new comes along. –  Twilight Pony Inc. May 6 '12 at 5:23
I would not bet that there will be a free alternative. Instead I would start working out a suitable budget for this project. Not everything on the internet is free and and sometimes even if it is then it is worth paying a little to receive premium services. –  robthewolf May 6 '12 at 7:00

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