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I have a Backbone view with a model.

Additionally I have a global model holding some application specific stuff.

Now I'm binding the change event of this model to my view's render method but this doesn't seem to work.

model: new Preferences.Item(),

render: function() {


initialize : function() {
        this.render = _.bind(this.render, this);
        // global account model holder
            App.Storage.account.bind("change", this.render);

Must I do some specific binding to attach to the events of an external model?

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You should bind the render method with using Backbone's inline binding. Also, you used that in your render method, it will be an error about it.

var ModelView = Backbone.View.extend({
    model: new Preferences.Item(),
    template: _.template('<div><%= variable %></div>');
    render: function () {
    initialize: function () {
        App.Storage.account.on('change', this.render, this);
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Found the solution ... you must call:

App.Storage.account.on("change", this.render) 
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