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In asp.net I use like this:

  gridView_Desti.Columns["CODE_DEST"].Caption = (string) HttpContext.GetGlobalResourceObject("Client", "Code_Dest");

How can I do the same thing on WinForm ?

Client is the resource name file --> Client.resx
Code_Dest is string on Client.resx --> string Code_Dest, value Code Destinataire

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var x = Client.Code_Dest; ? –  daryal May 4 '12 at 8:32
@coder are you sure? –  daryal May 4 '12 at 8:35

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You can do :


Depending on the culture, it will look for the string in Client.en-US.resx (if en-US is your current culture) and if it fail, in Client.resx.

You can also acces like this (Code_Dest must be in Client.resx) :

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You should have an auto-generated class called Resources in the Properties namespace of your project. Each resource is exposed as a property in that class.

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  1. Add new item -> Resources i.e 'Resources1.resx'
    1. Put necessary Resources Name & value ie string resources -> 'YourResourcesName' value whatever.
    2. Access its value with Resources1.YourResourcesName

Hope this help,

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