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Is there any website where people share and discuss good examples of object-oriented design?

Ideally such website should be populated with posts of the following structure:

  • Concise description of the problem, including definitions, links, etc.
  • Several attempts of OO design, diagrams, pseudocode listings (voted up/down by users)
    • Comments (also voted by users)

Currently I'm looking for a source of inspiration.

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Ward Cunningham's wiki (he invented wikis -- the c2.com one was the first one and is still active) has a lot of discussion, especially but not exclusively about patterns (Ward was very involved in the start of the whole idea of design patterns, as well as agile programming and quite a few more things;-). You can start here for example. It's not as coordinated and structured as you desire (actually pretty chaotic at times;-) but it can be really instructive to follow all the back-and-forth debates.

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i dont know if this site has any disucssions, but very good articles:

object mentor

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You can download exercises form this site! Thanks –  Luc M Jun 25 '09 at 15:35
ObjectMentor is indeed the best resource you can find on the Internet about OOAD: objectmentor.com/resources/publishedArticles.html –  Igor Popov Jun 9 '10 at 9:42


Object Oriented Software Construction - Betrand Mayer

He's the man that originated the Eiffel language, the most complete analysis of OO software construction I've read.

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+1. A must read. –  Daniel Daranas Aug 10 '09 at 21:58

Well I can't point you to web sites, but I can refer you to some great books :

Of course, those are C++ books, but a lot of concepts in them applies to much more than just C++

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...plenty of good, concise examples of OO Design principals right here.

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Object Thinking - David West.

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