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Does anyone know why when I list a blobs in a directory like this:

var container = BlobClient.GetContainerReference(containerName);
var blobs = container.GetDirectoryReference(fileStroageLocation).ListBlobs().ToList();

I find the two files I uploaded and an additional blob with the filename $$$.$$$. If I use an Azure file storage browser CloudXplorer I don't see the file.

I can filter it out by ignoring that filename however. Just wondered why it was there? If there is special meaning to it? How it got created? If there is a better way to exclude. Google doesn't seem very helpful when searching for "$$$.$$$"!



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I don't remember which, but some storage tools create that file as a placeholder when you create directories in their UI. Because blob storage doesn't have a concept of a directory, there's no way to create container/dir, so some tools create container/dir/$$$.$$$ instead.

If CloudXplorer isn't showing you the file, my guess is CloudXplorer is the tool that created it.

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Yeah makes sense to me. –  GraemeMiller May 4 '12 at 15:25

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