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If I try to define a simple table as this:

create table test 
    id integer primary key

When I see the table details using the command:describe test, I see that test has an int(11) as type of the attribute id.
I am using mysql 5.5 cluster on Mac os X, I can't figure the reason of this, how do I declare a single integer? Must I declare it as int(1)? There isn't another way?

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What's wrong with int(11)? – eggyal May 4 '12 at 9:08
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For MySQL, INT(11) datatype describes a simple column of integers, with a storage size of 4 bytes (see here). The number inside the parenthesis (11 in your case) is just a indication of the maximum display width for integer types columns (see here).

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int(11) is not an array of integers. It represents the minimum width of the integers being stored in that column. If you wish to store smaller numbers, perhaps TINYINT or even BIT might be what you're looking for.

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