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I am new bie to JSF 2.0.

I am using the apache Myfaces implementation of JSF 2.0.

Also I want to use Prime faces for better UI components.

But the problem I am facing is:

The tags for both the Prime faces and Myfaces are same.

How do I resolves the prefixes.

For example: h: and f:

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PrimeFaces does not have any tags in the* namespace. It has only tags in the* namespace. Tags in the* namespace are part of the concrete JSF implementation which is in your case MyFaces. PrimeFaces is just a component library, not a JSF implementation. You are supposed to run PrimeFaces on top of a concrete JSF implementation.

So, once having both MyFaces and PrimeFaces in the webapp's runtime classpath, this should do:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en"
        <h1>PrimeFaces editor demo</h1>
        <p:editor />
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Include primefaces by using the following xmlns:p=""

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