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I have following scenario. I have 3 models - School, User, SchoolTeacher. A teacher can be part of many schools. Now, when a user searches we display list of schools based on some criteria. We also want to display for each school, whether user is a teacher in that school. Now, I want to get the result in one query, so I have done this

users_list = list(SchoolTeacher.objects.filter(school__in = result_list, user=self.user).values('school_id'))

users_teacher_ids = []

for item in users_list :
        users_teacher_ids .append(item['school_id']) 

And, then I attach to each School object,

schoolobj.is_user_teacher = schoolobj.id in users_teacher_ids 

Can I do something better than this?


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If your models look like this:

class School(models.Model):
   # -- your fields

class SchoolTeacher(models.Model):
   schools = models.ManyToManyField(School)
   # -- other fields

You can then do this:

my_school = School.objects.get(pk=1)
my_school.schoolteacher_set.all() # all teachers in a particular school

See many to many reverse relationships in the documentation for more info.

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