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The question it's easy:

How I can open external links (like "_blank") with an app for IPhone made by Phonegap (version 1.4.0)???

I tested a lot of solutions found on internet but without good results...

I can open a link in the same window of app, but I'm interested to open in the web navigator of IPhone (safari?)

Please help me! thank you so much!

(All links have " rel='external' " and " target='_blank' ")

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Try this,

In Phonegap.plist file, add * in ExternalHosts

Then External links will be open, Hope, this'll be useful

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This works BUT don't open in navigator window, it's opened on the same window of app.... I need to open in a new window of a navigator – gazapko May 4 '12 at 11:39

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