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Is there any way in LESS to render the original LESS File + Line Number in the rendered CSS? Just as Middleman does with SASS... (I'm not sure if it is a SASS or a Middleman feature)

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There is now an option in dotless to output this information as per sass does. the flag is "debug". It will be included in the next release - https://github.com/dotless/dotless/issues/186

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I'm not familiar with Middleman, but the GitHub page for FireLess (inspired by FireSass, I guess) suggests that it would show the Less line number in Firebug, rather than the compiled CSS line number.

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+1 this is nice, but i would prefer something that would hardcode the comments in the CSS file, because i dont use FireFox... –  meo May 4 '12 at 9:51

I have no idea why the selected answer was chosen to be correct - it relates to a different build of LESS built for the .NET framework, not simply LESS itself.

Anyhow, yes, LESS does support this. It's not particularly well documented, but if you compile using the --line-numbers=[comments|mediaquery|all] flag, it will compile your CSS with the debug info spec SASS established.

If you're using Grunt, and grunt-contrib-less, you can use the dropLineNumbers option (really strange choice of name, imho). I typically set mine to all.

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