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Now I'm using ADT18. I had been running singed APK on device by installing APK with eclipse before, with ADT15 or 16. But with ADT18, when I try to run (to install) signed APK, lovely eclipse re-compiles and overwrites signed (exported) APK.

Before I release APK on Google Play, I need to run it on my device. And I want to install it by running it with eclipse. I had been doing this practice over a year. But now I can't with ADT18 and I'm forced to install APK with different way.

How can I tell eclipse not to re-compile my signed APK and just install it and run.

Thanks in advance.

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What exactly is the issue? You choose where to export your signed apk and the version you run with Eclipse is signed with a debug key. –  Che Jami May 4 '12 at 10:07
@CheJami, the issue is, I want to run my signed apk on device to see it works before releasing on market, but current ADT won't allow this. So I need to download my apk to device with another method which takes more steps to do. –  Tomcat May 5 '12 at 11:02

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