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now,i have a UIWebview inside a uiscrollview,i want to detect single tap on uiscrollview,but i have no idea to achieve it!it's so boring!

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I would strongly suggest using the MGBox2 controls for your scrollview https://github.com/sobri909/MGBox2. They have an excellent wrapper for a scrollview which exposes tap events easily for the scrollview and the contents thereof.

You would place your UIWebview in an MGBox and add the MGBox to your MGScrollView.

It would then work like this:

myScrollView.onTap =^{[self doThisOnTap];};
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No need to have the intermediate MGBox. Can just add the UIWebView directly to the MGScrollView. Although putting it inside an MGBox will allow you to use MGLayoutBox positioning features (margins, padding, etc). –  sobri Jan 10 '13 at 8:25

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