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I am generating a checkbox using the corresponding method of CHtml, and I want to run some JavaScript code before and after the AJAX request. Here is the code:

echo CHtml::checkBox('markComplete', FALSE, 
        'class' => 'markComplete',
        'ajax'  => array(
            'type'       => 'POST',
            'url'        => $this->createUrl('/events/events/MarkComplete'),
            'data'       => 'event_status='.$events['id'],
            'beforeSend' => 'function(){ $(this).parent("TR").hide(); }',
            'success'    => 'function(resp) { $("#right").append(resp); }'

How can I tell Yii that beforeSend and success are JavaScript code and not plain strings?

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Better option available starting from Yii 1.1.11

All framework classes now support custom JavaScript snippets through CJavaScriptExpression. Use it like this:

'ajax' => array(
    'beforeSend' => new CJavaScriptExpression(
        'function(){ $(this).parent("TR").hide(); }'
    // ...

The option of prefixing strings with js: is still available by default, but it can now be disabled as required using an optional parameter on CJavaScript::encode.

Original answer

If you want to include literal JavaScript code as part of options, the convention in Yii is to prefix the code with js:. So you would write it like this:

'ajax' => array(
    'beforeSend' => 'js:function(){            

    'success'=>'js:function(resp) {


Unfortunately this is not well documented, which is why people run into exactly this problem every now and then.

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its not working.. –  Alizain Prasla May 4 '12 at 11:35
if console.log it... it show error on firebug console. ** elem.nodeName is undefined [Break On This Error] ...ks = jQuery.valHooks[ elem.nodeName.toLowerCase() ] || jQuery.valHooks[ elem.typ... jquery.js (line 2317)** –  Alizain Prasla May 4 '12 at 11:38
when i print $(this) in console it returns me ajax object –  Alizain Prasla May 4 '12 at 11:43
@AlizainPrasla: That means that your code needs debugging, not that putting js: in front isn't what you should do. So go ahead and debug it; unfortunately I can't help with that. –  Jon May 4 '12 at 12:22

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