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Is there a LocalNotification PhoneGap/Cordova Plugin for WebOS ?

It can send a reminder notification at the specified time even if the App is not running.

        date : new Date(2012,6,10),
        message : "Phonegap - Local Notification \r\n -- For WebOS",
        ticker : "This is a sample ticker text",
        repeatDaily : false,
        id : 4

It exists as a PhoneGap plugin for iPhone and has been ported to Android.

If no PhoneGap plugin exists, what would I need to do to build one? I could use Mojo.Controller.getAppController().showBanner and Alarms to create some Javascript functions such as:

  • addAlarm
  • cancelAlarm
  • cancelAllAlarms
  • localNotification
  • ...

Any other ways to do this or sample code which accomplishes something similar for webOS?

I'm a fairly experienced programmer but brand new (2 days) to webOS and the Mojo framework.


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Here's some information in setting up alarms in Mojo applications:

You'll want to look at the information on multi-stage applications as well. I'm not sure how easily it can be converted into a simple plugin but the functionality can be easily created.

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Thanks for the link. In my case I probably want wakeup:false. If I want to have multiple timers set, I can just set multiple keys: key: MyAPP.appId + '_' + myId + '.sync' – user508994 May 6 '12 at 15:18
Do still need to use a multi-stage application if I just want to call "showBanner" and re-launch the application if it is not currently running when the banner is clicked? – user508994 May 6 '12 at 15:25

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