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What is the most efficient way to dynamically split a very long HTML paragraph element into smaller paragraphs of a given height?

The function below (jQuery) recursively chops out one word at a time from the text, checks the new length, and stops when the text is broken down into acceptably small chunks.

function split_par(element, max_height)
  if (element.height() <= max_height)
  var array = element.text().split(" ");
  var pos = 0;
  while (element.height () > max_height)
    pos -= 1;
    element.html("<p>" + array.slice(0,pos).join(" ") + "</p>");
  var next_par = element.clone();
  next_par.html("<p>" + array.slice(pos).join(" ") + "</p>");
  split_par(next_par, max_height);

This is inefficient and take a long time, but it's the most reliable method I've found. I'm sure there's a better way. I'm also not familiar with Javascript or jQuery, so any general tips on the code would be appreciated.

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Perhaps placing the text in container elements (Eg. divs) and using something like Jquery Masonry would do the trick.

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