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im having a problem with the CakePHP routing and the cookbook does not really help me out there.

im trying to route a parameter as a extension to an action. how can i do that without typing routes manually for each of my actions?

for example:
"users/settings/general" to UsersController::settings_general()
"users/settings/privacy" to UsersController::settings_privacy()
and so on

or should i just check in the settings action which parameter was given and call it from the controller? something like this

$sub_action = $this->request->params[0]

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I do not think this is possible without writing a custom route class. Read this article how to use and write your own route classe:

I would recommend you to just declare a direct route for each action. Or are you going to have thousands of these actions?

You could also try to route all users/settings/* to a single action UsersController::settings() and get the parameter there and call $this->setAction('settings' . $param); See

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No there won't be thousands of these actions, it's just annoying DRY stuff :( –  nahri May 5 '12 at 9:14

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