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I have a simple LinearLayout with ListView inside it (match_parent both for width and height). I need a context menu to show up upon a long touch on ANY place in the ListView. First, I called registerForContextMenu for the ListView. This makes the context menu show up ONLY if the touch is performed on a list item. Then I called registerForContextMenu for the LinearLayout as well, and set it attribute android:longClickable="true". This did not help.

So the question is how can one produce a context menu for a long touch below list items? For example, if we have 1 item in the list view, there is a lot of empty space below the item. Why does it not used for context menu invocation, provided that the list view fills entire parent according to the layout?

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I don't think that long clicking anywhere on the ListView to get a ContextMenu it's a normal behavior, one the user will expect(especially in your case, with the user clicking the empty space below the ListView and a ListView ContextMenu would appear).

Anyway, for your example, you can set your ListView height attribute to wrap_content(If I remember right, this is the recommended value) and then register the Contextmenu for the ListView and the parent LinearLayout(of course you'll have to provide the same code for both).

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This is not a context menu for the list view specifically, but a context menu for the entire screen, so it is perfectly expected by a user to get this context menu anywhere on the screen. Anyway, wrap_conent works ok. Thanks. –  Stan May 4 '12 at 12:27

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