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I'm trying to set up an embedded ActiveMQ broker supporting SSL.

Im continuously getting the same error msg:

ActiveMQ Transport Server: ssl://localhost:61613, called closeSocket()
2012-05-04 12:53:11,961 [ActiveMQ Transport Server: ssl://localhost:61613] ERROR          broker.TransportConnector  - Could not accept connection : No available certificate or key corresponds to the SSL cipher suites which are enabled.

Searching on this gives indication of possibly malfunction in generating the keystore and truststore.

I have tried to generate the keystore and truststore using these guides without success.

Im trying to set this up in grails and im defining the embeddedActiveMq inside conf/spring/resources.groovy like follows:

SpringSslContext sslContext = new SpringSslContext()
    FileSystemResource keyStoreResource = new FileSystemResource("/path/to/keyStore")
    FileSystemResource trustStoreResource = new FileSystemResource("/path/to/trustStore")

    SslBrokerService broker = new SslBrokerService()

TransportConnector connector = new TransportConnector

I cant really get any other valuble debugging information then using

 System.setProperty("", "ssl,handshake,data,trustmanager,keymanager")

Could there be an issue of that java is still trying to use the certificate files in jre6/lib/security?

Is there something specific you need to do in order to get the keystore etc to work properly?

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The link you provided above ( actually put a reference to a trouble shooting guide for your issue at Thawte. Go through those steps and verify if you get it working.

Another clue, that might be a long shot, but anyway - when I have had problems with certificates in Java (mostly DSA certificates though -ensure you have RSA certificates for less trouble), the JVM installed had export restrictions to certain ciphers. Here is a link to "patch" that. I don't think this will be the case for you, but anyway, might be an idea to check.

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Take a look at ActiveMQ unit tests, especially SslBrokerServiceTest. It shows how to configure SslBrokerService correctly and how to create KeyStore and TrustStore.

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