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Im using thinking sphinx in my rails 3 app.

I have used sphinx indexing on 2 tables in my products catalog app. namely,

"titles" and "features"

For every search_key, I will check the titles table first and if no results found, I will goto features table. If a title match is found I will stop and i will not goto features table.

Example: search keyword is "head and dust hachette book publishing",

Here, "heat and dust" has an exact match in titles so im not going to the features table.


How to find the unmatched_keys for a search in sphinx..?

I want to find out the unmatched words in the search key i.e. "hachette book publishing" in "head and dust hachette book publishing"..

If I get that, I will check if @unmatched_title_keys is nil?.. if not.. I will goto features table and perform a feature search for @unmatched_title_keys.

Please advice if this approach for searching 2 tables is good or I should alter my search approach and tell me how to retrieve unmatched_keys from a sphinx search query

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If anybody's stuck with this,

Please check this link,

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