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I have installed Node.js on an Ubuntu 64bit server using a standard apt-get and would like to profile scripts through the "--prof" flag. Web searching shows there should be a tool to process the v8.log output located in "deps/v8/tools/linux-tick-processor" but I don't seem to have any of those directories. Do they come with the native install? should they be installed separately? if so how? Thank you

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You need to download the source package with sudo apt-get source nodejs.The path you mentioned is in there.

You'll need to scons prof=on d8 in deps/v8 to build the debugger first, which might have some trouble on a 64-bit machine (v8 is 32-bit only), see here for more info.

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V8 no longer uses scons –  OrangeDog Oct 15 '13 at 13:21

Here's how I did it for Node.js 0.10.25 and 0.10.26:

  1. I downloaded the source for Node.js that corresponds to the binaries I'm using. (I'm on Debian testing, which is a bit behind the releases from the Node.js web site.)

  2. I checked the version of v8 bundled in the node sources. (Look at deps/v8/ChangeLog. It was 3.14.5 for Node.js 0.10.25 and 0.10.26.)

  3. I downloaded this exact version of v8 from the v8 site.

    Why? I tried running make native in Node.js deps/v8 directory but the Makefile was complaining about a missing test directory. From this we can infer that the Node developers are not including the entire v8 distribution. Once upon a time, with an earlier version of Node (0.8.something) I did build v8 from what was available in deps/v8 but this time I decided to use a different approach.

  4. As explained in v8's build/README.txt, in the top level of the source tree for v8, I did:

    $ svn co http://gyp.googlecode.com/svn/trunk build/gyp

    (Linking my installed gyp to build/gyp as suggested in OrangeDog's answer did not work. That's why I did the above.)

  5. I ran:

    $ CXX=g++-4.7 make native

    Why the CXX setting? I ran into a compilation problem right away when I tried with the default gcc. I checked the version. It was 4.8 and I remembered a story on Slashdot about how 4.8 was giving people trouble. So I installed 4.7. Worked fine.

  6. I linked out/native/d8 to a location which is in my PATH. This is because the linux-tick-processor script does a poor job at finding d8. The simplest solution was to make it available in my PATH. Your mileage may vary.

After all this, linux-tick-processor can be used with the v8.log files that Node produces.

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Either install the source package - sudo apt-get source nodejs, or switch to the official source as the ubuntu packages are very out of date.

To build d8, go to the deps/v8 directory.

  1. Create a symlink at build/gyp to the directory where gyp can be found (e.g. /usr/bin).
  2. Run make native.
  3. Copy/symlink out/native/d8 to somewhere on your PATH.
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