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I am creating a cron job in which I copy files from one directroy to another. The cron job works fine it copies the files to the import directory. The structure of import directory is like this.


I am trying to create a thumbnail image for each pdf file that is copied to the folders, I installed ImageMagik and my php code to create a thumnail image is

 if ($preview != "") {
    $copy_res = ftp_get("files/upload/" . $ftp_upload["path"] . "/" . $preview, "files/import/" . $ftp_upload["preview"] . "/" . $preview);
    $md5_checksum = md5("files/import/" . $ftp_upload["path"] . "/" . $preview);
 } else {
         //$pdf_file = 'files/import/folder1/pdf_file1';
         $pdf_file = 'files/import/' . $ftp_upload["path"]."/".$filename_new;
         if (file_exists($pdf_file)){
             echo 'I am here';
             exec("convert -density 300 " . $pdf_file . "[0]" . $filename_new . ".jpg");

When I run the code it comes to the else statement and echo the line but its not executing the exec command. I checked the convert command from Command Prompt for that I navigated to


and then I run this command

 exec("convert -density 300  test.pdf[0]  test.jpg");

From the command prompt it worked but in my code it s not working . Is there any issue with the path ? because the file is alreday copied when I try to create the thumbnail for it.

The ImageMagik is installed in

 C:\Program Files(x86)\ImageMagik

Any ideas what I am doing wron ? and is there any other faster way to create thumbail image for pdf ?

Thanks in advance

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There seems to be a missing space that separates the path to the pdf file and the new name for the image file.

exec("convert -density 300 " . $pdf_file . "[0]" . $filename_new . ".jpg");

Should be:

exec("convert -density 300 " . $pdf_file . "[0] " . $filename_new . ".jpg");
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still not working its not giving any error all it do is just skipping the exec command :( – Faryal Khan May 4 '12 at 14:26
@FaryalKhan exec() can return the output of the command you supply. Try to see if there's any error in the output. – Kemal Fadillah May 4 '12 at 14:43
You were right it was the space problem :) working now but can you please tell me what if I want to make a thumbnail image of 300x400 what should I do ? – Faryal Khan May 4 '12 at 14:45

I now write my code seperating the code form the exec() so that you can display the information you are sending to Imagemagick. I would also try setting the filenames outside the exec()

$input = $pdf_file . "[0]";
$output = $filename_new . ".jpg"
$cmd = " -density 300 $input -thumbnail 200x300 $output ";
// echo $cmd."<br>";
exec("convert $cmd");

Added a resize but it will keep the image proportions - if you need an exact size you could crop the image or pad it with a colour.

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i need a thumbnail image of 200x300 size? – Faryal Khan May 4 '12 at 14:49

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