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I'm looking for a torrent client library for Java. What I need is a library that supports the 'uTorrent' like selector after a torrent is loaded.

Like when you download a .torrent-file, and load it in uTorrent, it gives you a list with selection boxes to select the files you want to download.

Couldn't find that so fast, so maybe anyone knows about?

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My idea of a torrent client library would be a library that provides you with the support of p2p protocol and a parser for .torrent files - at a stretch. What you seem to be looking is a UI?? –  maksimov May 4 '12 at 12:08
Yes but it could let me select the files from the torrent, through functionality in the library, that I want to download –  Highmastdon May 4 '12 at 15:17
@Highmastdon did you find any compatible library, I'm working on ttorrent by Turn, thought that you could help me? –  Nitin Misra Jan 31 at 9:15
@NitinMisra Currently I'm busy with a job and stuff, but you can always share a repository so I can look when I've got time –  Highmastdon Jan 31 at 12:51
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It's possible in Azureus, but it might be a lot of effort to turn the functionality into a library.

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