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I would like to populate options for collection_select based on previous collection_select selection. I have in one selection Sports and I would like to populate next selection with teams based on that sport.

Problem is that all examples that I found are for older versions of ROR, so I decided to ask here. I know i have to add some nasty things like :

html_options = {:onchange=>'d=$("#player_sports_id").val();$.ajax({type: "GET", url: "/players/returnsel1.js?sports_id="+d, dataType: "script" });'})

to call player#returnsel1 and get returned returnsel1.js.erb. In returnsel1 I have variable


So how should jquery returnsel1.js.erb looks like? Thank you. Dorijan

edit1: here is how it actually looks, but it does not work:

html_options = {:onchange=>'d=$("#player_sports_id").val();$.ajax({type: "GET", url: "/players/returnsel1?sports_id="+d, dataType: "script",success: function(data){ $("#player_teams_id").html(data)} });'})

and in controller it is like this:

  def returnsel1
    render :inline => "<%= collection_select(:player, :teams_id, @teamstoreturn, :id, :naziv) %>"

if I go to /players/returnsel1?sports_id=2 I got correct drop down menu

what have I done wrong?

edit2: there should be dataType: "html" instead dataType: "script" and now it is working :)

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You should extend the .ajax request with a function, which can handle the successful answer. Without this, the answer is discarder. Propably this function should contain a jquery code, to change the other selections content.

html_options = {:onchange=>'d=$("#player_sports_id").val();$.ajax({type: "GET", url: "/players/returnsel1.js?sports_id="+d, dataType: "script", success: function(data){ $("#other_box_part").html(data)} });'})

This way you change this element, so you must render this as a html fragment, which must be inserted. So no javascript code in the answer is required, only html. E.g.:

<%= select_tag ... %>
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hm...it does not seems to work...I edited my question –  user899119 May 4 '12 at 13:55
What is the symptom? What happens when you make the ajax request? –  Matzi May 4 '12 at 14:02
nothing, not even an error...but I figure it out, I should have changed dataType: "html" –  user899119 May 4 '12 at 14:05

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