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The backcolor of a default DateTimePicker control seems to be Color.White, but can this change based on a users theme colours and how do I find out what it is currently set to?

(There is no backcolour property and DateTimePicker.DefaultBackColor returns SystemColors.Control which is not actually correct)

I guess that if someone can confirm that this can't change then I am safe to hard code it?


The basis of this question was not actually a typo, it was the fact that BackColor does not show up in my DateTimePicker control intellisense.

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You are right that there is no BackColour property. But there is a BackColor property. ;)


However, BackColor might not be what you are looking for.

Setting the BackColor has no effect on the appearance of the DateTimePicker. To set the background color for the drop-down calendar of the DateTimePicker, see the CalendarMonthBackground property.

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Thanks - strangely BackColor does not show up in my intellisense. I don't actually want to set it just find the value so this works for me –  Matt Wilko May 4 '12 at 12:36

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