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I'd like an optimized implementation for this test. It need not conform exactly to this prototype.

bool OOBBIntersectOOBB(
  float center0[3],
  float halfExtents0[3], // or some other bounding description
  float rotation0[9],    // quaternion would also be fine
  float center1[3],
  float halfExtents1[3],
  float rotation1[9]);
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and I know i could use "library X" or look it up in "book/webpage Y" but it would be awesome if at some point this site had all the answers right here... –  Jeff Sep 19 '08 at 18:53
im just saying, wikipedia answers my questions. i have yet to find an wikipedia entry that says "go look it up on google" –  Jeff Sep 20 '08 at 18:49
This isn't wikipedia. When you post a question here, you're asking total strangers to spend time helping you. Doing that when you can't be bothered to take two minutes and do it yourself is totally inconsiderate. –  Mike F Sep 23 '08 at 3:03
or, someone who could do it in less than 2 minutes could do it here, and then save everyone who ever searches for this test again the trouble. –  Jeff Oct 5 '08 at 5:52

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You might try using the method described in this Gamasutra article

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