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My solution needs additional files from a folder which is not included in the solution folder. so I have set up a 2nd Workling folder in the Workspace tab of the Build Definition.

Now the files of this folder get loaded and all links in my solution are fine - the soluition builds.

I wrote a custom activity which generate on the end of the build process new files and check them into the same folder I have likend above (the 2nd Working folder).

Now guess what? the files which are check in automatically by the custom activity trigger the hole solution again, and again, and again... ;)

So the real question: how can I exclude a working folder to be triggered on a checkin in Continous Integration Mode? Cloaking the the folder seems not to be the solution because I need the files to build the solution..

tanks in advance for any hints.. tobi

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Apparently you have a Continuous Integration build going on. Commiting your changes into TFS with a comment that ends with ***NO_CI*** should prevent builds from re-triggering.

You can also check here for some background.

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so simple.. thanks –  to.b May 4 '12 at 14:30

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