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I have a classic asp application deployed on IIS 6.0. The application crashes after every 1 or 2 hours.

To test for memory leaks, I installed Windbg 6. To monitor the process following steps are executed:

  1. Execute command: gflags.exe /i w3wp.exe +ust
  2. Recycle application pool
  3. Attach Windbg to corresponding w3wp process.

Once the process is attached, the application is not accessible. The browser just waits forever. If I exit from Windbg, the application starts working perfectly alright.

I tried searching but of no help.

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are you allowing your app to continue running??? enter g at the WinDbg command prompt and hit enter or hit F5 – EdChum May 4 '12 at 14:55

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Why are you attaching WinDBG? Why not attach DebugDiag to the process -- configure it to track the w3wp, and to generate a memory dump if memory goes over a certain limit OR if the process crashes. Lots of guides out there available, but usually you introduce WinDBG only after you have your memory dump -- and you analyze the dump with it.

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