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I've seen that the Bootstrap topbar have been moved to deprecated.

What would be the alternative ? Use the WAppFrame and the set_top_bar method ?

Or use the methods provided by the Navigation module ? But there is no topbar in this module.

What would you advise ?


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The deprecated version is for Bootstrap <= 1.4.0.

If you use the new CSS, you should use this module instead :

The equivalent of Navigation.topbar is Navigation.navbar.

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Just for information, this is the code I used to get the same behaviour has topbar :

nav = WB.Navigation.nav([{active:<>Home</>, onclick:ignore, href:some("/")}, {inactive:<>LoginLess</>, onclick:ignore, href:some("/boubou")}, {inactive:<>Sign up</>, onclick:ignore, href:some("user/new")}], false)
navBar = WB.Navigation.brand(<>Brand New</>, none, ignore) <+> nav
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