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In brief - When the user clicks on the form's submit button, depending on some condition, let's call it case A, I do some AJAX call, read the response and on the basis of the response, display a confirm dialogue to the user, and then when the user clicks yes, I submit the form using .submit() (not AJAX submit). In the other case, let's call it case B, I allow the form to submit. The problem is that, in the case A, the submit input parameter itself is not present in the $_REQUEST parameter in the server side. And we have some checks in the server-side code on $_REQUEST['submitform'].

Why is this so? I checked in this question that the .serialize() method does not serialize inputs of type submit, by design. Is this situation too related and by design? I am not doing any serialize.

What is the proper way to fix this? Note - I need to have both normal form submission as well as jquery form submission working in my case.

Details -

I have a form like this -

<form class="clearfix" enctype="multipart/form-data" action="/banner/addbanner/-1/2756?name=23 apr adv traffic management test&amp;action=add" method="post" id="frmBanners" name="frmBanners">
   <textarea id="comments" rows="3" cols="47" name="data[BannerInfo][comments]"></textarea>
   <input type="text" id="description" maxlength="255" size="50" value="" name="data[BannerInfo][description]">

    <input type="submit" class="stdButton save" value="Submit" name="submitform" id="submitform">

And some javascript -


function preValidateUrls()

   if(Case A, a particular condition and URLs are not empty)
   {//Ajax call to validate some URLs

      $.ajax({ ...

      success: function(res)
         if(validation fails)
            { //Display a javascript confirm dialogue, if user still wants to continue 
     }); //end of $.ajax

      return false; //do not allow form to get submitted before ajax response has not been received.

   {//case B, let the form submit normally
        return true;

In the server side code -

if(isset($_REQUEST['submitform']) && $_REQUEST['submitform']=='Submit')
   //form submission detection - does not work in case A.

The problem is that the form submission detection does not work in the case where form submission happens using jquery, i.e. the parameter "submitform" does not exist in $_REQUEST.

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As a quick and easy fix you can manually append "&submitform=submit" to the .serialize() output. That should do the trick.

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