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i'm trying to add two tables to magento but it still dosen't work ! i don't get the tables in MySQL ! theres no error message, just nothing happens. i can't find where the mistake is !! i already checked all my pages

this is my XML code in config.xml :


and this is the setup page :


$installer = $this;

DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `{$this->getTable('interactivebanner/interactivebanner')}`;
create table `{$this->getTable('interactivebanner/interactivebanner')}`
   ENTITY_ID            int not null,
   NAME                 varchar(100),
   LINK                 varchar(100),
   STATUS               int,
   primary key (ENTITY_ID)

DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `{$this->getTable('interactivebanner/interactivebanner_prod')}`;
create table `{$this->getTable('interactivebanner/interactivebanner_prod')}`
   PROD_ID              int not null,
   ENTITY_ID            int,
   POSI_V               float,
   POSI_H               float,
   primary key (PROD_ID)

alter table banner_pro add constraint FK_RELATION_1 foreign key (ENTITY_ID)
      references banner (ENTITY_ID) on delete restrict on update restrict;


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Please define "doesn't work" more precisely. What do you expect and what does actually happen. Do you get error messages? If so, post them. – Jürgen Thelen May 4 '12 at 14:06
sorry , i don't get the tables in MySql ! – Rastaking May 4 '12 at 14:14

Is this existing module you want to upgrade?

If so, you will have to bump the module version before your upgrade script runs. If it's a separate module you have to make the mysql4-setup-<version>.php with a version so high or above that will create the tables. Also you will require to have module declaration in your app/etc/Myself_Interactivebanner.xml so that Magento knew about the module existence.

To get more certain answer provide more details about the environment you have.

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this is my own module, i've put the version number on the config file , like this <version></version> And my Upgrade file name is : upgrade- – Rastaking May 4 '12 at 14:39

If I had to guess, your install script is not running. This can happen for multiple reasons. I would look at this post that helped me get my install script running:

My Magento Extension Install Script Will Not Run

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i found a mistake on my config.xml ! an uppercase missing :) sorry.

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