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Can any please explain in which scenarios will we get these errors?

I have a following code and lint is showing following error:

#ifdef SIC_CSI_NET
short CsiNetInit(void);


"Symbol 'CsiNetInit(void)' redeclared (precision) conflicts with line 21

There is nothing in line 21 I can see a ** which is used for comment.

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Instead of our imagining scenarios, why not show us line 21? – Scott Hunter May 4 '12 at 14:02

Probably, in one of the compilation units processing these lines, SIC_CSI_NET is not defined, in contrast to the file provoking this warning, but the function is used. In that case, Lint doesn't see a prototype at all, brings a different warning (probably 718 "Symbol 'CsiNetInit' undeclared, assumed to return int"), and assumes a prototype int CsiNetInit(void);.

When it then sees the actual prototype, the difference becomes obvious: int vs. short.

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Look at the actual definition of CsiNetInit(); perhaps its prototype specifies a different return type than short?

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