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I have been making restful webservices with cxf and camel, i came accross a strange issue i dont know if this is a normal camel behaviour or what.

I have multiple classes exposed as restful services and mapped to different paths. First i had only cxf in my configuration and i could expose all classes as services simultaneously. Now that i am also using camel i have tags like this :

    <camelcxf:rsServer id="rsServer1" address="/"
 <camelcxf:rsServer id="rsServer2" address="/"

After this i have two routes which start from my cxf endpoints (described above ) and do some processing. Problem is only one of the service is working and other just doesnt gets invoked . it gives me 404 not found error. is this normal or i am missing something in my configuration?

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Hi Sikorski,
Camel supports multiple cxf:rsServer. The problem with your approach is that both are mapped to an address '/'. This means that one of the servers is invoked. 

Solution: You need to have unique address for each rsServer like below,

<camelcxf:rsServer id="rsServer1" address="/Bar" serviceClass="com.something.PoiSearchImpl">
<camelcxf:rsServer id="rsServer2" address="/Foo" serviceClass="com.something.FooBarImpl">
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well its kinda late to tell me that, and i eventually figured it out. Now i am doing it in a different way and its already on "production". Regarding your line "problem with your approach" i would rather say problem was my approach altogether :D – Sikorski Sep 26 '13 at 13:37

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