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I have two models, like this:

class A(db.Model):
    propertyA = db.XxxProperty(required=True)

class B(db.Model):
    reference = db.ReferenceProperty(A,collection_name='Bs',required=Ture)
    propertyB = db.XxxProperty(required=True)

Now, I want to show information of all the As using template. In python file, I do:

As = A.all().filter('propertyA =', XXX).fetch(10)

I pass As to template, like this:

{% for a in As%}
    *****SHOW EVERY B THAT a HAS*****
{% endfor%}

Here is the problem, each A may have many Bs, and I need something like this:

a_has_these_Bs = a.BS
for b in a_has_these_Bs:

But how can I put query stuff above into template? Is there any other way to implement my intention?

Thank you!

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That's what collection_name is for. A has a property Bs, which is a query that returns those B objects that refer to A.

So you want something like {% for b in a.Bs %}, although I don't have anything handy to test that in.

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Cool! It works, thank you:) – hakunami May 4 '12 at 14:50

you could use a @property function

class A(db.Model):
    propertyA = db.XxxProperty(required=True)

    def has_these_bs(self):
        objs = B.all().filter('reference =', self)
        return [b for b in objs]

class B(db.Model):
    reference = db.ReferenceProperty(A,collection_name='Bs',required=Ture)
    propertyB = db.XxxProperty(required=True)

then in the template:

for b in a.has_these_Bs:

of course its not the best solution to do B.all().filter('reference =', self) and then loop over that query. it would be a lot better to fetch a result like B.all().filter('reference =', self).fetch(500) if you know how many Bs the entity A has or the max number it could have.

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Thank you for offering me this amazing way using decorator. – hakunami May 4 '12 at 15:30

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