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My scenario is I have a list of items that are draggable but not sortable and another list that is sortable. What I want to achieve is to drag from the draggable into the sortable but when I drop the item into the sortable I want to make an ajax request and depending on the answer to insert the item into the sortable or not. I tried to use on beforeStop or receive events for the sortable to cancel the item being added to the sortable but didn't find a solution. I made a jsfiddle here http://jsfiddle.net/5pTCd/21/

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Why not using your draggable/droppable in an accept/revert setting?

Here is a theoretical way to accomplish an accept/revert drag & drop :

First you need to set your draggable to revert if it is not accepted:

$(".drag").draggable({ revert: 'invalid' });

Then of course you could define what is valid in your droppable :

$(".drop").droppable({ accept: '.drag' });​

But thanks to the magic powder included in jQuery UI, you can insert a function as a value for "accept", it's returned value will define what you accept as a valid element:

$(".drop").droppable( { accept: function() {
    // return true or false
} });​

As an alternative you can use the dragstart event to change the accept option of your droppable :

    start: function() { 
    // your ajax call and then a callback with :
    $(".drop").droppable("option","accept","#thisItemsID") }
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A sortable doesn't have the accept option? –  John Kurlak Jul 1 '13 at 17:03
What would you need to accept? If you sort, you are still in the same list. We can still have a sortable that is also droppable. –  Gil Zumbrunnen Jul 3 '13 at 9:52

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