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In PowerBuilder application, How can I get the time:minute:seconds details which function executes with in (hh:mm:ss) time and which looping statement taking more time to execute?

Is there and command like PBDEBUG?


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If you want to make some profiling on your code

1 - go to System Options / Profiling, check Enable Tracing and enter the path of a non existing file in Trace file Name. Also, select the trace activities that you want to survey.

2 - start your application and do the task that you want to analyze

3 - stop your program

4 - in Powerbuilder, File / New... / Tool and select one of the profiling viewers, between Profiling class view, Profiling routine view or Profiling trace view, depending on the type of analyze.

Usualy, I get some useful timing information with the Trace view : times and hit counts.

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To instrument a particular piece of code you can use the cpu function to get the processor time before and after a section of code. If you're using PFC you can put the data in the debug log. If you aren't using PFC you could write the data to a file. This is useful enough that we've added performance monitoring to our framework.

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