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I have a query that looks like so:

SELECT Name, SUM(Price * Quantity) AS Total
FROM Sales  
WHERE Date = " + ddItems.SelectedItem + "

How can I show the top 10 totals?

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In MySQL the number of rows can be limited with the LIMIT clause, so you can add this to your query to get the top 10:

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Thank you, I've added that after my GROUP BY, but I gey invalid syntax on LIMIT? – dev6546 May 4 '12 at 15:00
ORDER BY Total DESC LIMIT 10 – Exos May 4 '12 at 15:17
@LewisElliott What SQL are you using? You are working with MySQL, right? @Exos Thanks, yes, DESC is needed to get the top 10. – Joni May 4 '12 at 16:29

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