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got a weird one today. I'm writing a piece of physics coursework that has to be multithreaded and networked. Not only do I have to perform some simply physics on 800 2D objects but there should be unique threads and peer-peer networking. I've got physics with a couple of bugs, and threading working and moving onto the networking.

But before I get to all that Ive got a weird problem. I'm using OpenGl to render the objects and screenspace and decided to easily debug the network code I'd like to print out error/status messages to the console to see whats happening as its running. I added the following to the constructor of the class that holds Main;

freopen("CONIN&", "r",stdin);
freopen("CONOUT&", "w",stdout);
freopen("CONOUT&", "w",stderr);

As per my understanding and those of others on the course who implemented it this way, I should be able to print out to the console now using

cout << "blarg" << endl;

Instead th console ends and a breakpoint will trigger when placed on the cout luine but nothing is being printed by the console :(

kind regards, Simon Johnson

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As a start, I think the names are "CONIN$", etc, not "CONIN&". MSDN –  Robᵩ May 4 '12 at 15:08
Thanks! Such a stupid issue in the end and now my wordy explanation is useless! –  SimonJohnson May 4 '12 at 15:11

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