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I have a Jenkins job set up that builds my iOS Xcode project and archives the resulting IPA file. In addition, I have also installed the Testflight plugin to upload the IPA file as a post-build action. That's all working fine, and my question is this...is there a way to only trigger that post-build action based on the result of a boolean build parameter. There are certain cases where I need to be able to build an IPA and I don't want it to be uploaded to Testflight. If I could just add a checkbox at the start of the build that determines whether or not to upload to Testflight that would be ideal.


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Flexible Publish plugin supports Run Conditions. Never tried it myself, but heard good things about it from others.

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Seems to do the trick. Thanks for the tip! – PaperbackWriter May 4 '12 at 18:37

If you don't mind setting up a separate Jenkins job to do the IPA file upload, you could use the Parameterized Trigger plugin.

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Downvoting because the Parameterized Trigger plugin doesn't allow you to conditionally trigger builds in the way requested. – Matt Casto Sep 11 '15 at 14:11

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