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I have these 5 buttons in my program: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, which are on my menu screen. What I want now is that when my program starts and my menu screen opens, the buttons contain the days + the dates of the day.

For example, today we're the fourth of may (happy Star Wars day!) and the buttons should be like this:

Monday 04/30 Tuesday 05/01 Wednesday 05/02 Thursday 05/03 Friday 05/04

But when I open the menu screen next monday it should be like this: Monday 05/07 Tuesday 05/08 Wednesday 05/09 Thursday 05/10 Friday 05/11

How can I do this?

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Use the java Calendar class, there is an answer here that could help you devise a solution How to get the first day of the current week and month?

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ok ty, I'm quite new to Java and this class Calendar will help me a lot – Confituur May 4 '12 at 15:38

I guess the following two threads is all you will need to get you started. And as Ian mentioned do go through the android Calendar and Date api's. Although I should mention most of the methods of Date api is deprecated. Calendar is generally preferred.

Android Get Current Time and Date

Display Current Time And Date in Android application

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