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In Ubuntu, I use subprocess.Popen to call an executable file, which will save some output files on the hard drive of server (Picloud). The code has been tested successfully on a Local Ubuntu machine. However, it does not work on the server. My approach is listed below:

#create a new folder. 
#The permission is drwxrwx--- both locally and on the server end

#copy the executable file to this folder. 
#The permission is drwxrwx--- both locally and on the server end after copy
shutil.copy("a.exe", folder)

#call this exe file. 
#The permission is drwxrwx--- locally but changed to drwxr-x--- on the server end. 
#Since I do not have the write permit, my code fails
>>>OSError: [errno 13] permission denied.

I am not sure why subprocess changes my folder permission on the server end. So I try to use sudo mode as: subprocess.Popen("sudo", "a.exe") As I expected, this code work locally only.

So can anyone give me some help on why subprocess will remove my write permission?


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In windows, you can run it with command:

subprocess.Popen("runas /user:Admin a.exe")
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Does this work on Windows? Because at least on Linux, the first argument to subprocess.Popen needs to be a list.... –  larsks May 4 '12 at 19:14
Have not tested it on Windows. The code works in a local ubuntu machine, however same code failed on the server end. –  tao.hong May 4 '12 at 19:35

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