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C#: I have a string that comes from a webpage's sourcecode:

<script type="text/javascript">
var itemsLocalDeals = [{"category":"HEALTHCARE SERVICES",
5510969","dealPrice":"399,00 \u20ac",..........

I do some things with that string, such as extracting the dealPrice and add it to a List<> (in the whole string are more than one dealPrice).

Is there a method to decode all "\u20ac" to their real character ("€")? There are also other characters, so not only the €-Character has to be decoded.

When I debug my code and look at the local fields/variables the string contains not the "€"-Character but the escaped sequence "\\u20ac".

Something like myString.DecodeUnicodeToRealCharacters.

I'm writing the result to a (UTF-8)result.txt

Thanks alot!

P.S.: Unfortunately .Net 2.0 only...

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You can use Regex.Unescape("\u20ac");

But better use a json parser since your string seems to be a json string(starting with [{"category":"HEALTHCARE SERVICES",.....)

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Thanks, Regex.Unescape is just fine for me. EDIT: I'm using HTML Agility Pack. --> JSON-Parser? – think May 4 '12 at 17:56
After getting your string using HtmlAgilityPack you can use a Json parser Like Json.Net or JavaScriptSerializer. For ex, stackoverflow.com/questions/10403037/… – L.B May 4 '12 at 17:59
public string DecodeUnicodeToRealCharacters(string s)
    return Encoding.Unicode.GetString(Encoding.Unicode.GetBytes(s));
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Can you please show the code you're using to write the text? this one works just fine:

string str = "\u20ac";
using (StreamWriter sw = new StreamWriter(@"C:\trythis.txt", false, Encoding.UTF8)){
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thanks, but that didn't help... – think May 4 '12 at 17:57

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