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parent component's sample init method

   <cffunction name="init" output="false" access="public" returntype="NavigationBase">
      <cfset this.index             = 0 />
      <cfset this.length            = 0 />
      <cfset this.current           = "" />
      <cfreturn this />

child component sample code

  <cfcomponent displayname="Navigation" output="false" extends="NavigationBase">
    <cffunction name="init" output="false" access="public" returntype="Navigation">
     <cfreturn this/>


And if i instanciate the child component, the variables defined in parent's init function are always undefined. What I am doing here wrong?


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The init() of the child overrides the parent init() method, so the variables are not getting defined anywhere. Add this line to your child init

<cfset super.init()>

to run the parent init and define/initialize those variables.

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