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I'm using msysgit (1.7.9), and I'm looking for the right invocation of the git ls-files command to show just the (tracked) files and directories at the current level, either from the index, or the current working directory if that's easier.

Essentially it would give a directory listing similar that that you would see on Github. Coming from Windows, I'm not too familiar with the right way of doing the globbing(?).

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I think you want git ls-tree HEAD sed'd to taste. The second word of ls-tree's output will be tree for directories, blob for files, commit for submodulesm, the filename is everything after the ascii tab

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I believe git ls-tree --name-only [branch] will do what you're looking for.

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Thanks, that's 95% the way there. Your git ls-tree --name-only [branch] lists both the directories and files in the same list (i.e. no trailing / for directories). I found git ls-tree -d --name-only [branch] will list just the directories. Part of the 'problem' is to spot submodule directories. –  Philip Oakley May 4 '12 at 18:34

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