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i want to change the link address depending on whether the value matches a certain value. but i am returning a syntax error. what do i need to change? the error that i am getting is syntax error, unexpected T_IF

echo "<a href='".if($type=='group'){echo'link_a';}else{echo 'link_b';}."'>".$usaname."</a>
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I see two echo statements for starters – John Conde May 4 '12 at 16:59
Coding like that won't work. You should be figuring out all your logic prior to printing out any HTML and THEN sending the correct data to the HTML and just printing as needed. Take a look into Model/View/Controller architecture. What you are doing is creating spaghetti code that is hard to read and maintain. – thenetimp May 4 '12 at 17:14
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try this

$link = ($type=='group') ? 'link_a' : 'link_b';

echo "<a href='".$link."'>".$usaname."</a>
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You can't use an if statement inside a hyperlink or any text that you are printing. Instead you should have your code like this, keeping conditional (and other) functions outside where html is printed.

if ($type == "group"){ $link = "link_a"; } else { $link = "link_b"; }
echo "<a href='$link'>$usaname</a>
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echo "<a href='". $type=='group' ? 'link_a' : 'link_b';."'>".$usaname."</a>
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Ternary operators are handy in this case.

echo "<a href='" . ($type == 'group' ? 'link_a' : 'link_b') . "'>" . $usaname . "</a>";
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you should do something like this:

echo "<a href=\"" . ($type == "group") ? "link_a" : "link_b" . "\"></a>

That is probably the shortest and cleanest way i can find.

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Use the ternary operator

echo "<a href='". ($type == 'group' ? 'link_a' : 'link_b') ."'>" . $username ."</a>";
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Try a ternary...

echo '<a href="', htmlspecialchars(($type==='group') ? 'link_a' : 'link_b'), '">', htmlspecialchars($usaname), '</a>';

That should simplify things a bit. Also, it's good to use htmlspecialchars() so that you have valid HTML.

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Why was this downvoted? How is this incorrect? – Brad May 4 '12 at 17:15
why htmlspecialchars? – tuergeist May 4 '12 at 20:50
Any time you're outputting variable data to HTML, you should be using htmlspecialchars(), so that the content is properly escaped for HTML. For example, if instead of link_a or link_b you had something like http://somesite/somepath?param1=value&param2=value and you echoed that straight into the HTML, you're producing invalid HTML! You need to replaced the reserved character & with &amp;. This is also a good step towards avoiding XSS vulnerabilities when working with user-supplied data. By using htmlspecialchars(), you ensure that user data cannot be interpreted as raw HTML. – Brad May 4 '12 at 20:56

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