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I have downloaded Qt for Visual Studio 2008 for Windows 4.8.1.

I have run configure.exe from the command prompt.

But I can not find nmake.exe or make.exe anywhere in my "C:\QT\4.8.1" - directory.

Therefore, I am unable to use Qt with Visual Studio 2008.

What to do now?

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Do you really need to compile Qt by yourself? How about using this: – user362638 May 4 '12 at 17:09
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Okay. Finally, I found my solution.

Step (1). Download and Install QT for Visual Studio 2008 4.8.1.

Step (2). Download and Install QT Visual Studio Addin 1.1.10.

Nothing else is needed at all.

Now I am able to Create, Compile and Run my "Hello World"- QT application straightaway.

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You could use QT Creator as your IDE instead. I found getting it up and running is fairly issue-free.

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nmake is the make that comes with Visual Studio.

You should have run whatever instructions you're following from a Visual Studio command line prompt, which contains all the right PATH settings for using nmake and cl on the command line.

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I also recommend that you build from a "Visual Studio Command Prompt". There should be links in your start menu for x86 and possibly x64 command prompts. Besides setting up your path to nmake these command paths will properly set a few environment variables for the compiler and linker. – drescherjm May 7 '12 at 12:41

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