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I think have too little experience in this area to even word this question properly. (Which is probably why I can't seem to Google a decent answer.)

What I want know is if it is possible to send a text message to a mobile user for free and relatively easily?

I understand that one can register with third-party sms gateway provider or if one were more enthusiastic (me) he could purchase a GSM modem and set up his own gateway using software like Kannel.

An ideal scenario would be one in which I DO NOT purchase a GSM modem and simply run something like Kannel and send messages over HTTP (i.e. without a GSM modem) to an SMSC, which would then send them off to a mobile device.

Thanks in advance... stackoverflow rocks!


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Most cell phone providers have an email gateway for SMS. Sending is super-easy.

All you need to do is find out what the proper email address / conversion is for each provider. Here's a helpful list.

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I knew it! :) Thanks for the list. – Sampson Jun 25 '09 at 18:06
Thanks for the list! I will see if I can accomplish what I am trying to do this way? I'm about to post a follow up question asking the reverse... – Reuben Peter-Paul Jun 25 '09 at 18:34
The problem is that you need to know which carrier the hone number you are sending to, not sure how to do that – Snake Mar 3 '15 at 18:23
@Snake, you can use sites like to enter a phone number and get the carrier. – DuckPuncher Mar 28 at 16:34

<10-digit phone number>@<provider url>

I was pleased to find out that Alltel phones all have a unique email address*. I remember one of their reps showing me this. I would assume that would be the case with most/all carriers if it's the case with Alltel.

Stackoverflow Archive:

* Kudos to Randolpho for actually finding this list.

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I have done with my friends we have made a website that we can go to which will allow use to send sms to each other using email gateway that other people have mention before.

The website uses a checkbox for each person name and a message box to type message. We use php to send the email. The only difficult part is that you need to know every ones service provider but once we did we just hard coded them into the php of the website.

It really is a great system for us to mass text each other, only took about an hour to setup to.

I hope this helps.

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The easiest way to is to get an account with an SMS aggregator, and then send the messages to them using their API. They'll take care of routing the SMS to the various networks for you.

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If you have a spare android device you can use SMS GATEWAY API

It's an app that you download which allows you to easily send and receive SMS messages by masking HTTP posts.

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could you add some code to boost the answer slightly pls – simonmorley Dec 29 '13 at 23:02

If the user's service provider has an email-to-SMS gateway, that's easy and free (for you).

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