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I'm completely new to Matlab and I need some help. I'm running a self-organising map with the Neural Networks toolbox.

It all works fine, I use

net = selforgmap([x y]);
net = train(net,mydata);

and then I get access to the nice plots. However I'm interested in the actual numbers generated by the som. 1)How do I access all the data underneath (is there a way to show all the vectors generated by the som package? For example: 2)how do I access the nodes weights? 3)How do I access the list of cases and their allocated Best Matching Units?

Many thanks

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Unfortunately, I don't have R2012, (and thus, I don't have 'selforgmap'), so this answer is potentially too general.

That said, I suspect that the variable 'net' is a a Neural Network object and if you type into the Command Window


Then you'll get a display of properties in that object (here's a shortened version of what I get)

net =

    Neural Network object:


         numInputs: 1
         numLayers: 2
       biasConnect: [1; 1]
      inputConnect: [1; 0]
      layerConnect: [0 0; 1 0]
     outputConnect: [0 1]

        numOutputs: 1  (read-only)
    numInputDelays: 0  (read-only)
    numLayerDelays: 0  (read-only)

And then you can access these properties like this:


And if you want to see the methods available for that variable, you can do

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Thank you, very useful. –  Marco M May 13 '12 at 12:14
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