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I need to develop a web frontend for my Delphi/FPC client/server solution. The solution is a database app that displays grids and allows users to search and update data using a client software. The solution has multi-user support so each user needs to logon to the client using a uid and a password.

Now, my users want to be able to access the database using a web client. As a result, I've been doing extensive research on RIA, commissioned a prototype based on ExtPascal (an ExtJS wrapper for Delphi/FPC) and also another one that uses ExtDesigner to link up to a FPC directly. For both prototypes, we had web session management for multi-user login.

The ExtPascal based prototype was totally unsuccessful as ExtPascal turned out to be buggy and not suitable for production use. The second prototype that uses ExtDesigner was successful but the amount of work to create and debug even a simple prototype was more than I had expected - the learning curve was significant. The other issue which I later discovered is that ExtJS apps don't work on mobile phones, this is an even greater problem than the earlier one because I do not have the resources to come out with another Sencha Touch version of the application. To me it's fine if the pages need to be zoomed in, e.g. HTML websites done for PC browser, but ExtJS pages can't even display fully in a browser mobile regardless of zoom.

Now, I'm looking for alternatives, particularly JQuery which is suppose to be simpler to use than ExtJS.

I'm trying to figure out which is the best way of making JQuery work with Delphi/FPC. For example, should we let JQuery handle the entire session management? Should we embed JQuery within Delphi or should we let JQuery send AJAX calls to the Delphi CGI or HTTP Server application?

I've spent significant time on this, now at my wits' end, and would appreciate any valuable insight that any of you may have. Thank you. :)

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Our Open Source mORMot framework allows Client-Server communication between Delphi applications, or any AJAX client.

It is able to serve true JSON requests, and even any service.

You define the service as a plain Delphi interface and implementation class on the server, then you access it via JSON communication of objects. It is RESTful from the ground up.

The framework is a full Client Server ORM + SOA layout, based on JSON and a high speed HTTP server (kernel-mode http.sys, much faster than Indy).

But some users use it from AJAX applications, using jQuery or Sencha.

If you can wait a little, want for Smart Studio to be released.

It is an IDE and some source runtime able to develop and compile an Object-Pascal project into a HTML 5 / CSS 3 / JavaScript embedded application. It does target AJAX Mobile application creation (i.e. Android and iPhone/iPad apps running Web-Kit).

You'll get an unique .html file containing the whole client-side application: it won't need any server side implementation. Using a third-party tool like PhoneGap, you'd be able to supply your customers with true native applications, running without any network, and accessing the full power of any modern Smart Phone. But you can also have a rich web client, with grid and rich SOA-based client, all written in modern Object Pascal (and translated into fast JavaScript).

Smart is a great candidate for implementing rich client-side AJAX applications, to work with our client-server mORMot framework.

We made some specific development in order to support the upcoming Smart.

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Strong suggestion:

Invest some effort learning

Don't focus on the Delphi/server side off the bat.

Unless, of course, you really want a Delphi client. There are totally compelling reasons to do so. But it sounds like you'd probably be better off with a more "agnostic" solution...


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IntraWeb can be a good choice. I don't know it very well, but you only need to know delphi, nothing more.

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